It should be both quick and easy to draw
and update CAD drawings


SiteSymbol – Symbol library for CAD

SiteSymbol is a symbol library and an intelligent drawing tool för CAD applications. It consists of the following symbol libraries:

  • Generic symbols
  • Process
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation
  • System/Function
  • HVAC

With the help of the specific libraries it’s fast and easy to draw, update or modify different kinds of CAD-drawings.

Just pick the symbols you want to add and they are automatically inserted in the drawing. Line breaking, generation of cable parts and connections are some among many functions that are handled by SiteSymbol.

SiteSymbol operates both with AutoCAD and BricsCAD.

Key Features

  • Over 700 predefined CAD-Symbols
  • Integrates transparently into CAD-applications
  • Line drawing tools, such as vacuum line, hose line, 3-phase line
  • Intuitive, streamlined interface for fast workflow
  • Automatic breaking and repairing of drawing lines
  • Autogeneration of cable parts and terminals
  • Customize symbols using XML
  • Automated and controlled through the .NET platform
  • Works with AutoCad 2008-2023 32/64 bit and BricsCAD v17-v23
  • SyteSymbol Manager included to handle existing and create new symbols

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