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SiteBase – Integrated projectsystem

SiteBase provides a suite of programs that manage and present information about a project, site or plant, in a structured and efficient way.

SiteBase is mainly used in the process industry, the energy sector, the mining industry, and the pulp and paper industry. Typical customers are mill owners, machine suppliers and consulting firms within the process and biofuel industry.

Main program

The SiteBase main application contains a plant inventory database and a document management system. These are built to simplify user cooperation and take advantage of the benefits of centralized information. They come with a rich set of tools for working with and maintaining information.

Document management

SiteBase can store documents and files of all types, with multiple versions of the same document. A document can be linked to objects in the inventory database or to other documents.

Autogeneration of Documents

Create documents directly in SiteBase using fully customizable templates.

Batch Printing

Print multiple documents at once, from within the SiteBase application.

Import and Export

Import and export data to and from SiteBase in the Microsoft Excel file-format. This enables the transfer of large datasets between SiteBase and other systems.


Create reports in SiteBase using the provided default templates, or create your own customized reports. Reports can be printed or saved as a PDF file.


Using the SiteBase AutoCAD extension for objects in drawing files can be linked so that information is automatically synchronized with the SiteBase database.
It also makes it possible to perform SiteBase operation directly from AutoCAD.


The main program can be extended with modules that provide customized features and tools for specific business areas. These include modules for:

  • Cost calculation
  • Purchase
  • Maintenance
  • Risk analysis


Make the information in SiteBase available to everyone with SiteBaseWeb. All you need is a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. SiteBaseWeb is made to resemble the SiteBase Windows client, from searching to the look of forms and the creation of reports. The main difference is that the user cannot edit form data from the Web client, it can only be viewed.